Mongodb Aggregations

Recently I have been playing around with and implementing Mongodb aggregation queries in order to power the qcDashboard analytics and graphs. Although Meteor doesn’t support Mongodb’s aggregation framework in MiniMongo on the client the  Mongodb driver on the server side is based upon the node js driver. Thus some smart packages are available on that have exposed the aggregate()  function as an extension of the Collection class of meteor which can only be used in server code. So far I have implemented basic server methods that return overall userbase average BMI and and weight. The next step is to be able to filter by postcode of users followed a more generalised method to be able to provide more flexibility in filtering options.

This blog entry is being written whilst on my way to Sheffield for a Wing Chun  Kung Fu seminar,  which is another big interest in my life like computer science and software development.

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer

Bruce Lee

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